Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Farewell dear Sam

31 July 2010

Sam looks fine and did a great job on the theraphy.Once he can lift his feet high enough to climb the stairs.Smile on his face.

1 August 2010

Early in the morning Sam got diarrhea.Around 10 am our dear friend-doctor came.Administering antibiotic,nifural and ibuprofen.Looks like Sam got mild fever.Sam looks discomfort and weak.It is a normal things during diarrhea.We keep giving him Renalit to supply his body.

At the afternoon,Sam start to cry and cry.He struggle everytime we carry him .Looks like he feels some pain.We try to carry or rub him gently or anything, but make no difference.He keep crying.We found out that his legs feels cold.His lips seemed not good.

After consulting with our doctor,we brought Sam to Emergency in RS.Boromeus.Our pediatrict is there.It took hours to put him on IV as before.But this time it was even more difficult. They order us to feed him nothing ( though we gave him few renalit through his G tube ).The dehidration seemed worse.Pray and pray and pray then finally IV plug set on his right hand.

Shockly we found out later that night that the IV plug was not good enough.They told us they have try anything but seemed that his blood vessels were collapse due to lack of fluid.They will try to set IV on his head.Surely we agree as this is an emergency.They allow us to gave him 100 ml renalit.Thank God they sucessfully set the IV plug,again.Thank you for the nurse pray and hard try.

Sam was so restless and his lips colour was bluis.High fever and breathless.Heartbeat frequency was high.Couple times he look at us and give sign with his lips that he was thirsty.Sadly could not give him anything.

2 August 2010
In the morning Sam looks better.Saturation ( oxigen level ) was 98 to 100 %.At 11 am they let us to feed him soya milk mix with renalit.He seemed more wake up then last night.Though they told us several hours ago Sam had a seizure due to high fever.

In the afternoon,things changed.His awareness was low and his temperature climb higher.41 Celcius.We were shocked.His lips so dry and his body so cold outside.

That day ICU doctor told us that things looks not good.We have a strange feeling that this time God may take him away.It was so different.We say farewell to Sam and apologize for any wrongs we did.That God will take care of him and we talk about relatives he will meet in heaven.

That night God took him to heaven.We cry and pray and sing songs.

Dear all,

We thank you for all your support,pray and help.Sam know that you loves him so much.As parents we realize that Sam had been a great blessings for us.We are blessed that God trusted him under our care for this 2 years. We laugh and cry together tough we cannot feel his pain.Finally God took away his sufferings, replace his body with a new perfect body.
He is now very much happy in our Father's home.

Farewell Sam.We miss you.We miss your smile,we miss your talking eyes.But it is fine.You are under His care and it is more than enough.

Blood test for Tyroxine

30 July 2010

We did consult to other ENT doctor last May, Prof.Henry Tan at KK hospital.Surprisingly he offered us to do airway scope for Sam on 21 August 2010 at a course.There will be several ENT 'super- specialist' from Singapore and other countries that will come and check on Sam.It will be free of charge.Joyfully we accept that kind offer as we believe it is God who show us the way of decannulating Sam.We start to prepare everything.Air ticket and blood test.A medical officer came and took the blood.Tyroxine test,FT4 and TsHs.