Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breathtaking incident

Oncologist suggest to see Prof.Henry Tan, a senior ENT in Singapore.Plan to see him on 14 May.
Yesterday Sam just finished his sliding exercise when suddenly his trachea tube was slipped out.We try to put it back in but failed.He has trouble breathing as he s turning so pale.We just thought that we may loose him this time.We pull out the trachea dressing and holder. no time to consider whether the tube is dirty.just try and try.finally can put it back in.Sam s not moving.His head laid back.His lips has no colour.Some push on his chest for simple CPR and back he breath again.PJ.

Build the muscle

How Sam is doing his exercise.Prob you want to watch this.We do it 3 -4 times a day.Glenn Doman method we try to apply after read some books and see some parents doing the same things.Sam's doing a great job isn't he ?